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California Is Home To True Italian Salami, Thanks To The Sausage War. 0

News 🕔January 14, 2014

There are official luxuries, like foie gras, then there is salami. Who hasn’t stood in line at a deli and watched a gnarly chub with a moldy, white skin being placed on the slicing machine? As the slices tumble onto

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Molinari Is Top Choice For Whole Deli Salami

Molinari Is Top Choice For Whole Deli Salami 0

News 🕔January 10, 2014

In July, we ran the results of a taste test of packaged, sliced Italian salami. That column generated more response from readers than any had for a while. All the e-mails asked the same question: Why didn’t we include Molinari

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Buy Molinari salami online. Our store is live! 0

News 🕔December 18, 2013

Molinari Market announces it’s new online store, featuring San Francisco’s oldest and most authentic salami made in the traditional manner since 1896. Shipped to you door!

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