Molinari Market


The History of P.G. Molinari & Sons

P.G. Molinari (right) in front of his first store

P.G. Molinari

P.G. Molinari

P.G. Molinari & Sons has been producing salami and cured meats in San Francisco for over 115 years. At the age of 14, P.G. Molinari left the Piemonte region of Italy to endure a grueling trip around the horn of South America, ultimately landing in San Francisco. Once in North Beach, P.G. was quick to find work with a fellow Italian butcher, A. Chiesa & Co. P.G. remained with Chiesa for five years until 1896 when he opened his own shop on Broadway in North Beach.

Business boomed until the great earthquake of 1906. Inventory was so vital to the survival of P.G.’s business that on the morning of the earthquake, P.G. buried his olive oil, Parmigiano cheese wheels, and whiskey cases in a vacant lot off of Union Street. Despite his precautions, the earthquake destroyed his business. Fortunately, not long after the earthquake, P.G. ran into A.P. Gianinni, president of the Bank of Italy.

A.P. Gianinni helped get P.G. back on his feet by issuing him a collateral free, low interest loan on a hope and a handshake. P.G. rebuilt and moved to 373 Columbus Ave, where the landmark Molinari Delicatessen remains to this day. Business boomed once again, and soon after, P.G. purchased a Kissel Kar flat bed truck, becoming the first San Francisco salami company to make door to door deliveries. P.G. Molinari & Sons can proudly claim to be the oldest surviving family-owned Italian business in San Francisco.